We provide a full range of customized and tailored Compliance and AML/CFT training programs.

Ensuring that Staff, Senior Managers, Compliance Officers, and Directors receive appropriate Compliance and AML/CFT training is an essential component of your ongoing compliance management and a requirement for certain individuals and businesses operating within the financial and non-financial industries subject to AML/CFT regulation in Kuwait and the Middle East.

KCC offers a range of customized and tailored training programs to organizations designed to reflect the different training and development requirements of businesses, industries, and positions.


  • Staff Traning

We offer standardized and customized training programs designed to up-skill operational and frontline staff on regulatory requirements, developments and trends, as well as operational processes. Our training programs range from refresher courses through to technical courses on specific regulatory matters.

  • Compliance Officers

Compliance Officers are subject to regulatory responsibility and liabilities, and therefore require an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the regulatory and operational compliance obligations that a business is required to satisfy on an ongoing basis.

We offer Compliance Officers customized training programs tailored the specific regulatory authorities affecting their business (CMA, Ministry of Commerce or CBK or similar authorities in each country)

  • Senior Managers & Board Directors

Senior Managers and Directors are required to have a thorough understanding of the operational and regulatory risks facing their business. We offer concise and targeted board and senior management level training sessions on the compliance issues and developments that have a direct impact on their business.