Kuwait Compliance Company Successfully Concludes Fifth Batch of Certified Professional Program in Combating Money Laundering and Financial Crimes

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Kuwait Compliance Company is pleased to announce the completion of the implementation of the Certified Professional program (specialized in combating money laundering and financial crimes) for the fifth batch with our strategic partner AMLFC Institute in the United States and in collaboration with the IBS Institute. This program is considered one of the specialized certifications that address methods of detecting and combating financial crimes and money laundering.

The training duration for this professional certification is two months. The number of participants in this batch exceeded twenty-four employees, representing various departments of Kuwaiti banks.

This experience represents a significant progress in enhancing awareness of the field of combating financial crimes among participants. This edition was distinguished by an increase in interaction and interest in combating money laundering, especially in light of the rapid developments in money laundering methods and techniques