Nazaha: Combating money laundering requires specialized expertise

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The Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) concluded a virtual course on anti-money Laundering and financial crimes organized for staff across various sectors. The course was delivered by the General Manager of Kuwait Compliance Co., Ms. Huda Al Enezi.

The course tackled a variety of topics, including the definitions of money laundering and financial crimes, the competencies and responsibilities of the Kuwaiti regulators, the relevant national and international laws and legislations, the international organizations and institutions concerned with money laundering, as well as the responsibilities of the regulated entities across the private sectors. The course also addressed the highest corruption risks associated with money laundering.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Prevention at Nazaha, Eng. Abrar Fahad Al Hammad stated that cooperation with Kuwaiti Compliance stems from the role of the Authority in supporting human development efforts, galvanizing internal awareness and culture, and advancing the knowledge and skills of its staff. This cooperation is facilitated by the Institute of Banking Studies at a time when the challenges of corruption risks are growing, necessitating that Nazaha be equipped with the legal and technical knowledge in money laundering and financial crimes, as mandated in its Act on the Establishment of The Authority No. 2 of 2016.

Al Hammad asserted that such specialized training programs contribute favorably to the Authority’s capacity-building efforts, as signaled in Kuwait’s Strategy for Promoting Integrity and Combating Corruption (2019-2024), and leverage the performance of regulatory bodies in Kuwait in accordance with best practices.


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